• Only practice when skilled in softening or under guidance of someone skilled.

  • This practice can intensify negative conditionings when not being skilled

Guided Meditation

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Practice Visualization


Core Instructions


  • Ability to constructively be with negative conditioning via teaching one's body and mind: 'now is safe'

  • Ability to weaken reactivity

  • The actual weakening of reactivity


  • Reduced intensity of reactivity

  • Feeling of confidence to be in any environment

  • Feeling of safety

Basic Instructions

  1. Access relaxation

  2. Activate a negative conditioning

  3. Soften

  4. Optional Kindness

  5. Repeat

Observation Range

  • Relaxation of body & mind

  • Tension of body & mind

    • Effort required for resistance e.g., bodily or mental tension


  • To prevent strengthening one's negative conditionings, it is important to start with intensities that you can manage e.g., 3 out of 10

  • Prioritize noticing the effort underlying the conditioning rather than the specific content e.g,. anger, fear

Daily Life

  • Notice whenever you feel resistance tot the present moment and soften



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