Feel Good

Learning to find, create & enjoy positivity

Guided Meditation

Core Instructions

Objective - Why?

  • Pleasant

  • Self-care at any moment

  • Increase Appreciation of pleasure

  • Condition a positive personality

Basic Instruction - How?

  1. find or create pleasure within the body

  2. Enjoy

Attention Method

  • Localized

Attention Range

  • Activation Method

  • Pleasure within body


  • Subtle experiences are totally fine

  • Negativity may arise, which one 1) accepts 2) let go of & return to the attention range






In this practice we train the skill to find or create positivity, observe & enjoy it

Practice - Feel Good

Transition in

  • Posture

    • Settling into one's posture

    • Releasing any unnecessary effort & tension

  • Becoming aware

    • Noticing the current experience

      • e.g., Sights, sounds, touch, thoughts

Phase 1 - Contact Good via Find or Create

Either find or Create Positivity.

Finding Positivity

  • You may find pleasant areas throughout your body

    • e.g., exhale on breath

  • You may release any tensions and find pleasure in the relief

  • you may already have positive emotions present and being able to notice them in your body

There are several options to create positivity

  1. Mnemonic Device STARS

    1. S(mile)

      • Smile gently

      • Notice how the smile causes positivity naturally

    2. T(hink)

      • Visualize a positive scenario

        • e.g,. pleasant memory, pleasant fantasy

      • Create positive talk

        • e.g., a person you respect sharing kind words with you 'you are doing great', 'i am here for you'

        • e.g., Self-talk: 'It's fine, be at ease', 'You are doing good, be confident!''

        • e.g,. Good wish: 'May my friends be at peace' 'May I be at peace'

    3. A(ctivate)

      • Some can, some can't

      • Simply by intending to feel good, one can feel good

    4. R(espond)

      • Utilizing external stimuli to cause positive emotions

        • Touch

          • Cuddling a pet

          • Cuddling yourself

          • Taking a bath

        • Hear

          • Listening to music

          • Listening to kind words

        • See

          • Beautiful scenery

    5. S(upport)

      • Utilizing the benefits of other techniques e.g,. loving-kindness, progressive muscle relaxation

        • Once positivity arises during the technique, one places the attention on tit

Phase 2 - Enjoy

  1. Place your attention on the positivity

    • e.g., pleasure you feel in the body

    • e.g., joy felt in the chest, or safety felt in the abdomen area

  2. Relax into it

    • Relaxing any tensions within body & mind

    • Releasing any blockages, hindrances between you and the positive experience

    • Non-Interfering

  3. Enjoy

    • Smiles may arise naturally

    • Increase of pleasure may arise naturally

Phase 3 - Gone & Repeat

Once the positivity has disappeared completely, you may start again at phase 1, either finding or creating positivity

Process of Feel Good

Example-Buffet of Activation Methods for Positivity

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