Learning to be kind to yourself, others & all experience

Guided Meditation

Core Instructions

Objective - Why?

  • Enjoy the pleasure of Kindness

  • Learning to be kind - to yourself & others

  • Clarity about state of Good-intent vs ill-intent

  • Facilitates Deconditioning

Basic Instruction - How?

  1. Cause Loving-Kindness

  2. Observe Loving-Kindness

  3. Re-Cause Loving-Kindness

  4. Repeat

Attention Method

  • Alternate between Cause & Effect

Focus Range

  • Initially focus on the Cause

    • Anything that activates loving-kindness e.g., phrases, visualizations, Intentions, Touch, etc.

  • Once Loving-Kindness is present, observe it within body & mind


  • Accept & Do not force the intensity of loving-kindness. Activate it gently, and be patient.

  • Observing the loving-kindness, rather than the trigger

  • Loving-kindness is a training, hence it is okay to have none or difficulties initially





In this practice you will train to generate good-will towards yourself, others and all experience.

We are going to practice with a simple process:

  1. Imagining the subject, to which we want to send loving-kindness to

  2. Activate it, while genuinely meaning it

    • For this practice, I will use the phrase 'I wish you peace' while smiling

    • Generally, whatever method of activation is fine, as long as it's working for you

  3. Immersing yourself in, experiencing, the loving-kindness. If you notice the loving-kindness subsiding, activate it again.


Transition in

  • Posture

    • Settle into your practice posture

  • Relax

    • Find pleasure in releasing, relaxing unnecessary tension within your body & mind

    • Letting go, become loose, soft

  • Smile ☺️

    • Use a half-smile with your lips & an inner smile with your eyes to facilitate the generation of good-will

Cultivate Loving-Kindness

Towards myself

  • 'I wish myself peace' :)

Towards someone you like

  • 'I wish 'Name' peace' :)

Towards someone neutral

  • 'I wish 'Name' peace' :)

Towards someone you dislike

  • 'I wish 'Name' peace' :)

Towards Everyone

  • 'I wish the whole world peace' :)

Towards all experience

  • 'I wish you peace' :)

Be loving-kindness

  • 'wishing peace' :)

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