Being Pragmatic - Clarify Objective & Curiosity


Practice Instructions

  1. Clarify your Practice Objective

  2. Curiosity towards how the posture facilitates or hinders progress towards your practice objective

Recommendation for Postures

  • Comfortable

    • Never harm yourself physically

    • Find a comfortable posture that is pleasant to you

  • Curiosity

    • Energy levels that allow you to sufficiently notice your sensory experience > falling a sleep or excessively-energized i.e., restless

Be aware that dis-/comfort and energy levels may change throughout your practice due to your practice, not your posture.


  • Postures are only a tool to support your practice objectives

    • Same as mindfulness of breathing

  • Pragmatic

    • Whatever works, works.

    • No need to sit in a uncomfortable position or on the floor.

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