Cultivating the skill of forgiving - oneself, others and life. Freeing up guilt&resentment

Guided Meditation

Systematic Forgiveness

Core Instructions

Objective - Why?

  • Forgiveness is pleasant

  • Trains 'letting go', a valuable skill

  • Releases guilt&resentment

Basic Instruction - How?

  • Physically & Mentally release & relax

  • Allowing to arise naturally or bringing up specific Themes

  • Utilize phrases 'I forgive me/you/etc.'

Attention Method


Focus Range

  • Release in the mind & body

  • Phrases to activate forgiveness

  • Experience of Forgiveness


  • Often, emotional discomfort may arise

    • Take care of yourself, pausing or stopping whenever needed

  • Patience

    • Learning to forgive, to let go is a process

    • No need to hurry. Practicing gently and nature will do the rest





In this practice we are training the skill of 'causing' forgiveness. The tools used to facilitate this are physically and/or mentally releasing effort that underlies the holding unto guilt or resentment, as well as phrases to generate forgiving & caring intent.

Practice - Systematic Forgiveness

Transition in

  • Posture

    • Settling into one's posture

  • Becoming aware

    • Noticing the current experience

      • Sights, sounds, touch

Phase 1 - Creating a Safe Space (Relaxing physically, mentally & kindly)

Phase 1.1 - Relaxing physically

Relaxing physically on every exhale

Letting go of effort that underlies physical tension

  • jaw, neck, shoulders, etc.

Phase 1.2 - Relaxing mentally

With the next exhales, relax & let go of tension of the eyes, eyelids and area behind the eyes (the frontal lobe of your brain)

Relaxing intellectual activity, intention to understand, giving up any concern

Phase 1.3 - Inviting Kindness

Invite kindness and caring to your experience of letting go, releasing

You may facilitate this with a smile of your eyes and/or lips, a bodily touch or self-hug or more

Phase 2 - Forgiving while Letting go

  • Note

    • If specific persona or situations arise, feel free to directly address it with e.g., 'I offer forgiveness'

    • You may use any phrases that resonate with you, that is, facilitate forgiveness

Forgiveness from others

'If I have harmed anyone, intentionally or unintentionally, please forgive me'

Forgiveness towards others

'If anyone has harmed me, intentionally or unintentionally, I forgive you'

Forgiveness towards myself

'For all the ways I have harmed myself, intentionally or unintentionally, I forgive myself'

Forgiveness towards Life

'For all the ways Life has harmed me or anyone, I offer forgiveness'

Phase 3 - Creating a Forgiving Space

  • Combining Phase 1 & 2

Tuning into the releasing aspect on every exhale, on every release of physical or mental tension/effort.

Tuning into the kindness available on every release

Tuning into the forgiving aspect on every release

Creating a safe space for you with every release

Visualization of Systematic Forgiveness

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